A tiny Chinatown marvel peddling the island’s best chilli crab
— Lonely Planet
One serve of crab and four giant, fresh mantou (Chinese bread buns) should happily feed two stomachs. Unlike many other chilli crab joints, it has fixed prices, good-value combo deals with decent beers. Book two days ahead.
— Lonely Planet
Small, funky Momma Kong’s is run by two young brothers and a cousin obsessed with crab. While the compact menu features numerous finger licking, MSG-free crab classics, opt for the phenomenal chilli crab, its kick and non-gelatinous gravy unmatched in this town.
— Lonely Planet
Good deals, huge buns and Singapore’s freshest Sri Lankan crabs
— Lonely Planet
Amazingly fresh crabs with great flavour and value!!
— EatPrayFlying (www.eatprayflying.com)
The smooth and milky Crab Beehoon Soup was one of the best I tried. The beehoon was also smooth and firm. It was so slippery that we had a hard time holding them on our chopsticks. The beehoon was also cut into shorter length similar to Katong Laksa.
— SG Food on Foot (www.sgfoodonfoot.com)
Good boys doing Momma Kong’s crabs justice!
— Pop Spoken (www.popspoken.com)
Even my seafood allergies couldn’t keep me away from Momma Kong’s.
— Noel Boyd (www.noelboyd.com)
And my personal fav - crab beehoon.
I only started eating this crab dish last year
and usually, one spoonful of the soup tells me how good it is.

This soup is ah-meh-zing. Its thick, flavourful (no MSG, I checked), with little bits of roe and when mixed with a little sambal chili, AHHHHHHH. To die for. I really want a bowl now :(
— Missy Pixie (missypixie.blogspot.sg)
Great food and service. Mantou is superb. Will visit again.
— Edwin Leong (via Facebook)
— Willis Lee (via Facebook)
Whenever I have friends coming Spore, I would bring them to enjoy the incredibly fresh yummy crabs (with very reasonable price)! As an expat, I did try Noxxgnbxxxxd, jumxx, melbxx, seafood pxxxx but Momma is still be my favorite
— KUk Tai (via Facebook)
Crab crab crab for good value!!
— PracticalCritic (via TripAdvisor)
We of course ordered the chili crab, which was spicy and a good size, with the fried buns, which scooped up all the extra sauce and were crispy and delicious in their own right. The price was right, the service was friendly, and the atmosphere was hip.
— AsiaAce (via TripAdvisor)
Crab beehoon and butter crab are one of the best!
— MeinYar (via TripAdvisor)
Excellent crab, good location and baby friendly
— Teminka (via TripAdvisor)
Came here for the crab dishes that everyone was raving about. Left absolutely delighted with the fact that I was finally able to eat fried-rice and other seafood dishes that in other restaurants are simply made in concrete: no changes or substitutions. Instead waiters and even the chef explained ingredients in the dishes upon questioning, agreeing to take out soy sauce and even flour in some of the fried dishes to accommodate my intolerance. I would definitely suggest this place for those with food concerns or allergies!
— Soneca16 from New York, New York (via TripAdvisor)
First visit to Momma Kong’s and was greatly satisfied with the food and service. Price of crab is very reasonable and really yummy.
If you want a fresh experience in crab feast, you must pay a visit to Momma Kong’s Crab Shack.
— Elizabeth Tan (via TripAdvisor)
I’ve heard how great crab is in Singapore, but this crab shack exceeded expectations. I ordered the red chilli crab, praying it wasn’t too spicy, and it wasn’t. It had a perfect chilli/slightly tomato red sauce which was thick and made with the egg of the crab. The crab itself was succulent and fresh.
— Jope33 (via TripAdvisor)
Great place for crabs! Laid back casual place with a great variety of crab dishes ... And for a small extra fee they will even de-shell them for you. A small place so would recommend a reservation or get there early!
— Schoies from Sydney, Australia (via TripAdvisor)
Holy crabs! If you’re looking for great food in a non-traditional seafood restaurant setting, this is it. The crabs are fresh, the mantous awesome.
— Caprice S. (via TripAdvisor)
I want a crab! Had dinner at Momma Kong’s with a group of local friends as I wanted to try the famous Singapore chilli crab. We were a group of 7 people and tried pretty much all the different flavors. The chilli crab was sweet and spicy, but a bit too spicy for my taste. The signature soup and steamed crab were great, and the sides (chicken chunks and mantou) were all really tasty! Also would recommend the pear cider.
— jeni_hk from Hong Kong (via TripAdvisor)
— K子埼玉 (via TripAdvisor)
To get the best out of the chili crab, do try their mantous. Freshly baked, these large rolls pair great with the chili sauce - now only if there was more chili sauce to go along with the crab.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience if you a crab fanatic.
— Hoongy (via HungryGoWhere)
Hip and trendy place for crabs
— Missus Chewy (www.missuschewy.com)
The black pepper sauce is really finger licking good and goes very well with their beautifully weaved mantous(come in steamed or fried,but we choose the fried ones). Overall,it was a lovely food hunting experience as we really didn’t (expect) such a 5 stars service from Momma Kong’s.
— Hannah Chia (hannahchia.tumblr.com)
Now, I love crabs but I hate the de-shelling part (yes yes that’s the fun part, I hear you purists) so it’s great that Momma’s Kong offers a de-shelling service for $10+ per crab! And that’s how I enjoyed the crab bee hoon soup – fresh meat, meat, and more meat swimming in the MSG-free milky broth. Naturally sweet and light, this is the complete opposite of Mxxxxxx’s famous bee hoon soup.
— My Food Sirens II (myfoodsirens.wordpress.com)
Each time We leave with the sense of satisfaction of great crabs and real tasty sauces.. To me the must try is the butter crab and its really buttery sauce. Each time I wipe the plate dry using the mantou provided as I don’t want to waste the delicious savory sauce still leftover, and each bite just tastes like heaven
— Peter Choong (via Facebook)
MSG-free.... Wholesome and consistently decadent chili crab gravy with the deep fried buns... Fresh and succulent crabs.... Crab tang hoon is MAD! Definitely the place for people who takes their crabs very, VERY seriously!
— Singapore UberGarage (via Facebook)
I ordered online for ystd and tried it for the first time.its really too great that I hv to make a comment.the crab bee hoon is the best.fresh n yummy! A MUST TRY
— Cindy Lovesreyden (via Facebook)
For those crab lovers this is a place not to be missed. They cook variety of crab dishes such as pepper crab, cream crab, chilli crab...etc. to me personally all are nice!!!
— Dominic Henry (via Facebook)
Amazing ambience and food with great company!! highly recommended!!
— Angelene Kok (via Facebook)
Very well priced best tasting chilly crabs. Amazing flavour. If you looking for a place to eat famous Singaporian chilly crab - this is definitely the place to have this food experience.
— Serge B. (via TripAdvisor)
A cafe-liked-Crab-Restaurant which can escape from the crowded traditional crab restaurant. Wonderful crabs meal with fixed price, it makes me feel secured and fair! The crabs are fresh and tasty! Staffs are nice. I will be back!
— ATKok from Macau (via TripAdvisor)
The chilli crab and steamed buns the star here. Along with a bucket of beer.
A great last meal in 2014.
Chilli crab in Singapore, see the guys at Mommas!
— Tartahoy from Sydney, Australia (via TripAdvisor)
Awesome Crabby Experience! This is definitely the place to go for crab lover if you do not prefer the usual seafood restaurant.
— GnDSingapore (via TripAdvisor)
Red chilli crab #drool . We booked in here ahead of time after searching the internet and finding out you could pay extra to have the crab de-shelled. BONUS!! I hate de-shelling. As the meals arrived, we were able to sit back and eat the crab without having to de-shell. Dipping the buns in the sauce to get a hit of flavour.
I would come back here on my next visit.
— Claire F. from Perth, Australia (via TripAdvisor)
We tried the Crab noodle soup and the Black pepper crab. The soup was creamy and full of crab flavour. The crab in the soup was a female one, so there was lots of rich bits of roe in the soup, making it even more yummy.
— SFR6262E (via TripAdvisor)
Yummy seafood , with great pepper and chilly crab and tofu chips. It is small and quirky, good for a relaxed meal with friends.
— Gartica24 from London, UK (via TripAdvisor)
Our black pepper crab was delicious in particular, but the other dishes that we shared were also very satisfying.
— Jean-Remi_Bernard (via TripAdvisor)
Juicy & succulent crabs that do not burn a hole in your pocket... Need i say more about the crabs? They are succulent, tender and come out in whole chunks! One of my kept secret for good crabs in Singapore.
— Vetleow (via TripAdvisor)
First visit impressions - Black Pepper Crabs packed a punch, piping hot crispy “Man Tous” (buns) were out of this world, and their spicy Ikan Bilis starters were just perfect. if you’re ever in Singapore’s CBD area and have a craving for a local crab dish - this has to be the place!
— luqrasheed (via TripAdvisor)
Bearing in mind that this is probably my first crab meal consumed from the shell of the crab, it has been an experience to remember. The co-owner / main chef , Edmund, kindly introduce to me how to de-shell the crab and pick out the juiciest bits of crab meat. This guy DOES know his crabs!
— Wei_Ke0ng (via TripAdvisor)
What Momma Kong does best is the crab bee hoon soup ( crab with slippery thick rice vermicelli in a milky, flavoursome broth).
— Celine Asril (via HungryGoWhere)